Overall, purchasing a Tesla is a great experience. You can read all about it in my previous posts. I have been spending some time in a product management role at work, and as I have gone through the buying experience, I was able to apply some of those new skills to surface three ways Tesla could improve their customer experience.

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1. Provide Better Timeline Information

The first way Tesla could improve the buying experience is to provide better timeline information or estimates. For example, with my trade-in finalization, they could have told me that finalization typically completes within 72 hours.

Even better, they could provide…

Beginning of 500,000+ miles in an EV

In late March 2021, just a few days after my 42nd birthday we took ownership of our first electric vehicle. A white, 2021, Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD. This marked a few firsts for my wife and me. This is both our first white car, our first electric car, and the first car I plan to drive to half a million miles.

How did we get here?

I’m a car person, I have owned many different cars in my life. I enjoy driving when not stuck in traffic. My best friend and I would go on all-day excursions to different dealerships in college, test…

I was lucky to spend 15 years coaching the long and triple jump while working with amazing athletes everyday. During my coaching career, I spent time coaching at both the high school and collegiate level.

One thing that you’ll find at a track meet, specifically at the field events, is coaches or athletes feverishly filling in paper forms to track what is happening with an event. You’ll also see parents and spectators watching and wondering what is happening, often straining to hear the call of the last attempt.

Despite their best efforts, coaches can’t keep up with the results of…

My Model 3

It’s been three months since we took ownership of our first Tesla. Thus far, we have traveled 2077 miles. Overall the car has been fantastic, and I have been thrilled with it. It’s still super fun to drive, comfortable, and has saved us money on fuel. Below are few thoughts after the first three months.

The Good

As mentioned above, the quick and instant acceleration is very fun. Beyond that, though, acceleration has been useful for getting onto the freeway or moving into other lanes when needed. I don’t think the car needs to be any faster than it is, and the…

A Better Route Planner’s Trip Details


For Misty’s Birthday, we took a two-and-a-half-day trip to the Placerville, CA area for some car camping and hiking. Our round trip was a total of 502 Miles.

The Trip

We left around noon on a Friday and ran into a fair amount of traffic along the way. I used Autopilot and AutoSteer a lot on this journey and I have a few thoughts. Overall both features are pretty great and generally better than the other systems I have used. Autosteer could be better, as I have stated before, in terms of having to constantly re-engage it and it being a bit…

My Model 3 After a Wash and Ceramic Coating Application

It’s been just a little over one month since I took ownership of my 2021 Tesla Model 3. Just like any product, there are things I like and things I’d like to see improved. I have waited to write a more in-depth review of my Model 3 to get more seat time and for some actual data to compare with my last vehicle. With that, let’s get started!

What’s Great

After a month of ownership, there are several things that I really like about the Model 3.

  • The ride is smooth and quiet. Tire noise is average, but no engine noise is…

My Model 3 (Not on Delivery Day) Read more to find out why. Hint: It came early

If you have ever purchased a new or used vehicle from a dealership, taking delivery of your new car is supposed to be a magical day. Frequently, it is because what should take just a few minutes turns into a few hours. Delivery Day for a Tesla is not like that at all. It was the best delivery experience I have ever had, even with a few hiccups.

Prepare for Arrival

After completing the required documents, uploading proof of insurance, and getting my car built, it was time to get my hands on my new Model 3. In your Tesla account, there is…

Welcome email after buying a Tesla

In my journey to half a million miles in a Tesla began with ordering the car. Based on my experience, I want to pass on a few tips for anyone who is considering buying a Tesla.

The delivery and purchase experience for a Tesla is different from most other carmakers. Tesla doesn’t have traditional dealerships. They have stores. You can test drive a car at one of the locations. You can walk in if you want, but the best way to test drive is to schedule it ahead of time.

Inside a Model 3

Before I decided to purchase a Tesla Model 3, I needed to

  • Make sure I really wanted a Tesla
  • Choose between the Model 3 and Y

To figure this out, I scheduled a test drive through the Tesla website. I think Tesla was really well-positioned to…

As a brief reminder, Misty and I were working our way through Microsoft Excel 2019 Data Analysis and Business Modeling (6th Edition) (Business Skills) 6th Edition by Wayne Winston. I had the idea to compare the things we learned in Excel to Google Sheets and Jupyter Notebooks. However, the book was not as good as we had hoped, we both became very busy at work and have not returned to it after we completed the first 3 chapters.

A Revelation

I had spent a good deal of time writing up the next part of this article because I wanted to help those…

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