Real Time Field Event Results Using

I was lucky to spend 15 years coaching the long and triple jump while working with amazing athletes everyday. During my coaching career, I spent time coaching at both the high school and collegiate level.

One thing that you’ll find at a track meet, specifically at the field events, is coaches or athletes feverishly filling in paper forms to track what is happening with an event. You’ll also see parents and spectators watching and wondering what is happening, often straining to hear the call of the last attempt.

Despite their best efforts, coaches can’t keep up with the results of each attempt or real time progress as they are often running between multiple events or preparing their athletes to compete. While many rely on the meet announcers for updates, this information is already outdated when it hits the loud speaker.

One way we tried to solve this at St. Norbert College was by creating a Google spreadsheet that each coach or an athlete filled in to keep everyone up to date. It worked pretty well, but recently I upgraded that process with

Coda is a new tool that is a blend of a spreadsheet, a document and a database. You can create some fantastic applications with it and the Real Time Field Event Tracker app was both fun to create and a huge upgrade over the spreadsheet.

Real Time Event Tracker Image
Real Time Event Tracker Meet Standings Page

You can check it out here:

Real Time Field Event Tracker

At the link above you can play around with the application and make a copy if you like.


  • It uses metric for measurement, but you can add a column to convert to Imperial if needed
  • A public page where you can send people to see current results and they can filter the data to just what they want to see
  • Data is populated by subpages where either meet event workers, athletes, or coaches can add athletes and fill in the results in real time
  • Tracks gender
  • Tracks Teams
  • Tracks Individual Meets
  • Has a automated scoring system for each event type that can be overridden manually
  • Can be used it to track all your meets for the year

Hopefully, this app will help coaches, athletes, parents and spectators stay on top of field event results.

If you have suggestions for improvements, please let me know. Feel free to improve upon the app as well.

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