Road to 500,000 Electric Miles: Tesla Test Drive Experience

The delivery and purchase experience for a Tesla is different from most other carmakers. Tesla doesn’t have traditional dealerships. They have stores. You can test drive a car at one of the locations. You can walk in if you want, but the best way to test drive is to schedule it ahead of time.

Inside a Model 3

Before I decided to purchase a Tesla Model 3, I needed to

  • Make sure I really wanted a Tesla

To figure this out, I scheduled a test drive through the Tesla website. I think Tesla was really well-positioned to deal with the pandemic because of the way they sell their cars. You have to buy through their website, and they don’t have a stock of vehicles at their stores, just models to test drive.

To schedule a test drive, click more in the 3 line menu in the top left of their site.

It’s easy to schedule the test drive.

  1. Head the Tesla website

I do have a few tips for going on a test drive:

  • If you live in a large city, schedule your test drive at a location away from a mall or congested area if you can. I scheduled mine at a large mall, and traffic in and out was difficult.

If I were going to make product improvements, I would build in the ability to add multiple drivers and vehicles to the appointment. Other than that, it was one of the best test drive experiences I have ever had. It was quick, easy, and I felt no pressure.

If you have never driven an electric car or a Tesla specifically, I highly recommend a test drive. It was fun and the experience is worth it. Electric is very different from gas but in a good way.

There will be more posts to come and a few videos as well. Please feel free to leave questions and comments. If you decide you want to purchase a Tesla, use the link below to get 1000 free miles of charge on Tesla’s Supercharger network.

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