My Model 3 (Not on Delivery Day) Read more to find out why. Hint: It came early

Tesla Delivery Day is Amazing

If you have ever purchased a new or used vehicle from a dealership, taking delivery of your new car is supposed to be a magical day. Frequently, it is because what should take just a few minutes turns into a few hours. Delivery Day for a Tesla is not like that at all. It was the best delivery experience I have ever had, even with a few hiccups.

Prepare for Arrival

After completing the required documents, uploading proof of insurance, and getting my car built, it was time to get my hands on my new Model 3. In your Tesla account, there is a section to track your delivery day. Tesla initially provided a delivery window of about five days around when the scheduled build date.

The Thursday Delivery Text Message

I purchased my car on a Sunday and figured it wouldn’t be available for pick up until the following weekend. I had planned to take the time to get some great videos and pictures of the whole experience. However, on Thursday, I received a text message that my Model 3 was being built that day and delivered the next.

As you can see in the image above, I was confused about the delivery. I originally signed up to pick the care up at a store location and was unsure how the trade-in would work if it were delivered.

I texted back, asking about picking it up instead but didn’t hear anything back right away.

To learn more, I ended up calling the store location. It took several attempts to get through, and a Tesla sales rep informed me that a driver would drop my car off, help me complete the paperwork, and drive my trade-in away. Once I understood the process, we scheduled the delivery for the early afternoon on Friday.

Delivery Scheduled #excited

However, just about an hour later, I received a voicemail from Tesla. They were wondering if I could take delivery that same day? Tesla had built the Model 3 early, and they wanted to get it delivered before 6 pm.

Of course, I said Yes!

Around 3:45 pm, I received another text message:

Lots to do, not much time to do it in!

My Model 3 was on its way to me. But then I remembered I needed to do all the things in the text message before it arrived! Luckily, I started earlier and was able to get everything in order.

Tip: To prepare for your delivery, review the following ahead of time (which I did 😎):


A short time later, I received a call that the car had arrived. A very nice young lady delivered my vehicle, checked over my trade mileage, and had me sign the final paperwork. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled my Tesla app and was able to unlock my new car.

After that, the delivery person took my trade-in and finished the delivery in about 20 minutes. It was a pleasurable experience.

My Model 3 on Delivery Day

How does that compare to any car buying experience you have had?

What is different?

The difference is that Tesla is a product-first company.

A product-first company:

  • Builds customer first products and experiences its users’ love
  • Ensures the product is aligned with their vision and business strategies
  • Creates a minimum viable product that meets the user’s needs and fits within the business constraints
  • Iterates and improves the product to provide ongoing value and a lifetime relationship with the customer

What I didn’t experience was an hours-long delivery. There was no push to buy high-margin products like paint protection and extended warranties. I didn’t have to sit through a 40-minute show and tell. I just signed the paperwork, signed into the app, and enjoyed my car. All from my home.

The Tesla buying/delivery experience is one of the best reasons to buy a Tesla for your next vehicle.

A product-first company like Tesla will continue to provide more value than other legacy companies. It doesn’t make Tesla perfect, and they have and will continue to make mistakes, but it does make them a fantastic company to buy a car from.

When you are ready to buy your next vehicle and have the Tesla experience, use the link below to get 1000 free miles of Supercharging with your purchase.

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I will be posting an article from a product perspective on how Tesla can improve their buying and delivery experience. I also have a couple of videos in the works that I’ll post to my YouTube Channel soon. So stay tuned for more!

As always, feel free to drop questions or suggestions on other content you want to see!



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